Since the children returned to our preschool, they have been very settled and happy. We have been
spending a lot of time outdoors which has been extremely beneficial for their overall wellbeing.
Some families have commented on how well the children sleep, self-regulate their emotions,
maintain their physical activity and eat healthy when they attend the sessions. On the other hand,
being outdoors reduces the spread of germs which often circulates in confined environments, in
particular in winter with the heater on.
Most adults associate winter with getting colds and illnesses such as the flu. However, it is not
exposure to the cold that causes these viruses. In fact, it is likely to be increased exposure to poorly
ventilated indoor environments, where bacteria and viruses live. By encouraging outdoor play in
winter, children gain much needed exposure to fresh air and Vitamin D. We are extremely lucky to
run a bush kinder program in which being, doing and learning takes place around nature. We really
appreciate your positive feedback on our bush kinder. We understand that it can be messy at times,
but research shows that nature offers the best environment and resources for everyone.

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