The Nude Food Challenge

We did a rubbish audit at our school and found that a lot of the rubbish in our yard and our bins were from the wrappers being brought to the school from home in lunchboxes. We decided that we needed to do something to make the students and teachers reduce the amount of waste in our school.

We already had a nude food day once a week, on a Monday, but we learnt that it was not reducing the waste enough, so we have taken it one step further and made the nude food challenge that rewards students and classes to do their best to look after the environment and to reduce waste in our school.

So far the students are really enjoying it, are reducing waste and love working together as a team to be crowned the nude food class of the week in their year level. It is has been a really successful program in our school.

Killara PS photo (Nude food challenge)

The Recycle Station

This year at Killara Primary School we have also put together a recycling station group that implement a recycling station at our Canteen. We looked at the waste and litter around our school after lunch for a week and noticed that a large amount of the litter was coming from the canteen. Chip packets, Juicy wrappers and Zooper Dooper Wrappers. At our recycling station the students get a good environmental citizen ticket for every piece of recycling or waste that they deposit in the correct bin. We have also extended that program to no include a compost bin.

The tickets that the students receive are deposited into a raffle box for each year level. On Monday morning at assembly a student from each year level is pulled out of the boxes to be awarded a prize for their environmental awareness and citizenship. This program has really helped our school to clean up our litter and has helped us to reduce the amount of waste being deposed of by our school.

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