The Continuation of our St Brendan’s Story 2016

This year we have a very keen Environmental Team who are thinking and implementing ideas in our school. They are implementing the recycling of mobile phones for the Gorillas. Also introducing the Golden Lunch box (a gold sprayed lunch box as a trophy) for the grade with the best Nude Food. However we only have Nude Food on a Wednesday at the moment.

We have registered with RedCycle to help with the recycling of soft plastics, connected with the council to take our co-mingling waste away and of course we continue to compost, separate our landfill and paper.

We have organised to have coloured coded bins in each learning space and set up two collection spots where the children bring the rubbish to our Environmental Team to ensure that the rubbish is placed in the correct bin.

We have made a worm farm using an old bath. We have boxed it in and attached a tap to it so that we can collect the worm wee for sale as St Brendan’s Special Worm Wee.

Our school has developed Science Buddies. The classes are cross aged. The two classes are split in half. One half working in the garden or on sustainability activities and the other half are working on robotics. The activities that are being discussed range from planting, collection of worm wee, frog bog activities etc

A VERY large sandpit has been developed and a riverbed has been connected to it. It has been planted with trees and when it rains the water is filtered through the small rocks and pebbles and then into the storm water drains.image

I feel that we are becoming a lot more organised in regards to our waste and are implementing things to help with biodiversity.

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