Bonnie ordered a compost bin for children so we can start making our very own soil with lots of nutrients from the food scraps that was going to be wasted otherwise!

I got so excited and so did some poppy kinders and sun????owers as we began to open the box at the big yard. Many children came over to check what was in the box and they started to throw soooo many questions?

Children’s voices
what is in the box? -Hugo
Can I help you? -Ari
I am strong so I can help you. – Zema What is this thing for? Hugo
I can hold the driver for you. – Hugh

It was a little bit more complicated than I expected so we went through trial and error steps along way way too. Many teachers also helped when we made some mistakes(eg. put nuts the other way around). Once the compost bin was built up children got excited to have a turn to spin the barrel. Sema saved some food scraps for us and we made paper soup to mix with the scraps.

The key ingredients for the compost is 50% green stu???? (food scraps, glass clippings and etc) and 50% brown stu???? (papers, carton boxes, dried leaves) with a little bit of moisture.

We will continue to explore our new journey and learn the life cycle: birth, death, decay and rebirth.

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