Bacchus Marsh Grammar has been fortunate enough to be involved in the Sustainable Schools run by the AussieVic programme. It is a programme overseen by CERES and the state government. This involves the school, as a community, working towards our school becoming more sustainable in many areas including our curriculum, water, waste energy and biodiversity. Throughout 2011, staff have been working towards completing the core module of the programme. We have audited our curriculum and are looking at ways these specific themes can be integrated into our curriculum so that our students learn more about their environment, their impact on the environment and how the decisions they make affect their environment in regards to sustainability. Already around the school there are ways this can be seen; in the development of the junior school vegetable patch, the new educational facilities such as the terraces, artificial turf and solar panels. A group of 6 students attended an environmental leaders conference at Narmbool. Throughout 2012 and beyond, the school will be looking to include more members of the school’s community in these activities. We will be conducting a travel survey in the near future to investigate how our students are travelling to school, investigating the indigenous flora of the area looking to develop areas of the school in a more diverse way which better represents the part of Australia that we live in and looking at more sustainable options for water, waste and energy usage.

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