Hello everyone, it’s the I sea, I care team here!

This term has been quite complicated, but we still managed to learn and complete workshops online. We also had online meetings with Mandy from the DRI and Mr. Jepson. Our first workshop was at Rickets Point Marine Sanctuary, where we learnt about our local marine life. In the morning, Mandy and the DRI team collected sea creatures from the rockpools and showed us on a very interesting Zoom call. It’s important to know about our diverse sea life so we can better protect them.

The second workshop was a peer workshop. This is where all the I sea, I care ambassadors meet-up and learn about different environmental issues and how to speak in public. We learnt how to talk to different students from prep to grade 2 and how to best communicate information to the younger year levels. Thank you for reading our newsletter. The I sea, I care team is looking forward to being able to tell you about our future excursions and how our marine animal teaching presentations went.

Thank you

From Oscar, Nate, Bailey and Ricie

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