As part of our CBL students are looking at Sustainability (Waste, Energy, Water, Biodiversity). We asked a couple of students to write a short piece about Sustainability and what it means to them.

Over the last few months we started learning about sustainability. I had all these questions in my head. What is sustainability? What has it got to do with my daily life? What has it got to do with me? After gathering some information from the web, books and texts, I soon found the answers to my questions.

Everyone in Wantirna Primary School learnt about it. How it has a big impact to the world, the importance and how it needs to be dealt with properly. It is about pollution, energies and global warming. Everyone can help our world. Just be sustainable and green by not littering, putting the right waste in the right bin and looking out for waste.

I learnt that waste is a worldwide problem and why it is a problem. I learnt that it causes landfill and lets out harmful gases. Therefore, I believe that food packaging should be changed to recycle items. Then not only will it save money be re-using but it will also make our world a better place.

Wendy – Year 5

Do you know what one of our biggest problems are? Waste! We stated doing sustainability last year. I was really excited to do this because it’s one of our biggest problems that we have to solve.

After a while we started to learn more on waste, and a huge problem for me was plastic, it can take over thousands of years to break down but it’s still toxic that’s one of my biggest problems in waste.

All of the school learned about sustainability, we learned a lot so we are working on this school to being very environmentally friendly.

I have been much more aware of waste, I have been finding more environmentally friendly products, its small but it can make a huge change.

More people need to do this, it is our responsibility to make this world a better place, and it doesn’t need to be a huge thing recycling, reducing waste, these little things can do a lot to our environment, and to us.

Steph – Year 6

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