Over the last few months the Eco Warriors from Boronia Heights Primary School have been collecting used coffee grounds from a local café – ‘Koko Lime’. This is a great partnership that helps them reduce their landfill waste and helps us by providing a natural insecticide for our veggie patch. We also mix the coffee grounds in with our compost as it is rich in nutrients.

Our awesome maintenance man has even built our Eco warriors a wagon to bring the coffee grounds back to school. Thanks Geoff!

Why save coffee grounds from landfill?

  • Reduces production of methane (extremely potent greenhouse gas) which occurs while decomposing in landfill
  • Great for your garden-good source of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium
  • Free local resource- turn a waste product into fantastic compost

The Boronia Heights Primary School “Eco Warriors” have teamed up with a local business to re-cycle coffee grounds and reduce waste going to landfill.

How does this benefit you?

There are several ways you can use these coffee grounds at home:

  • Put them in your compost bin or worm farm
  • Dig into raised garden beds
  • Scatter them around the base of fruit trees or over the lawn
  • Give away to family and neighbours
  • Dry them and spread them around seedlings to deter slugs and snails

How can your school get involved?

  • Ask your local café what they do with used coffee grounds
  • Visit http://groundtoground .org for heaps of great information about collecting and using coffee grounds community partnership – ground to ground at BHPS
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