Sustainability News – By S6 Class

What bins do you now have in your classroom?
Compost, recycling, paper and cardboard, landfill and soft plastics.
How do you tell these bins apart? What color are they?
We see pictures on them and they are all different colours. Compost is green, recycling is yellow, paper and cardboard is blue, the landfill is red and soft plastics are white.
What helps you to put your rubbish in the right bin?
We look at the pictures or ask a teacher if we are not sure. We also learn about it in Sustainability class with Nick.
Where do these bins go?
The bins get emptied into the correct wheelie bins and are picked up and taken to either the landfill or a recycling plant.
Why do we need so many bins?
So our waste can be turned into and reused to make other materials we can use instead of it filling our land and water.

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