Sustainability News

This year we have been working very hard to be a 5 star sustainable school. We have been introducing new ways to make this school a better environment. Some of these ideas include:

  • Buckets under the taps to save water. With that water we water our plants.
  • Smaller rubbish bins
  • Cardboard recycling bins
  • Less yellow bins are being put out during lunch and recess
  • We have also stopped children taking rubbish outside
  • Heater, light and air conditioner monitors for each classroom.

Rubbish Free Lunch and Target Tuesday

Please make sure your child is having a rubbish free lunch every Wednesday for the school’s benefits and if you can, try being rubbish free every day. Please don’t let down your class. Target Tuesday is a fortnightly event where all students pick up rubbish around the school! If we meet our target (not too much rubbish) we get extra play time which we all enjoy.

Exciting News

In October we have the ABC program Paddock to Plate coming to film our school. They will be interviewing some teachers and students about our sustainability program. We will be showing them what we are doing to improve our sustainability. They will also be filming our lunches and we can show them how wrapper free we are!

By Zali Utting, Amy Archer, Lissy Macpherson, Jayden Spencer, Neave Hancock-Wolfe, Ella Assender and Harry Edwards (Environmental Captains)

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