Welcome to the first Sustainability Matters @ERS Newsletter page. Last year we announced that we had begun our journey to become a ResourceSmart School. After completing the Core Module, we have been able to submit our application to receive our first of five possible stars. Meanwhile, since ERS has joined the ResourceSmart Schools Project and improved the way we buy, use energy, reuse resources and dispose of our waste we have:



That equates to $68.95per student!

The Sustainability Matters Team

It takes a team of people to be a successful ResourceSmart School. We would like to extend an invitation to all members of the Eastern Ranges School community to be involved.

Student Waste Auditor: My name is Emil. I am in S22. I always keep the environment safe and clean. I make sure everyone does the same. From Emil

Student Environment Specialist: Thomas

Student Recycling Team: Monique and Joe

Student Green Waste Gurus: Peter & Jack

Parent Representative – Rita Webb

ERS Teaching Staff Representatives – Ben Stirling and Barb Smith

Biodiversity Champion Gardener – Russell Lewis

Sustainability Coordinator – Robin Miller

National Tree Day Celebration

Nick Wakeling MP came out to ERS last week and attended the Primary School Assembly. He presented our Primary School Captains, Ryan and Jaxon with native plants and trees. The students will be involved in the planting process, which will contribute to our Biodiversity goals in earning our second star. Thank you to Barb for organising the event.

The next event on the ERS Sustainability calendar will be:

Keep Australia Beautiful Week – 19-25th August

Read more about ResourceSmart Schools at https://secure.resourcesmartschools.vic.gov.au

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