On Friday 7 Sep, 2012, our Student Sustainability team went to the Werribee Open Range Zoo for the Schools Day Sustainability Festival. The students were very excited about having the opportunity to share what Werribee Primary School is doing to help the environment and create a better future.

The students from a variety of schools had the opportunity to learn from each other.

We learnt that there is only 0.5% of grasslands left in Victoria. The students looked at Indigneous weaving grass, that can also be used to clean your teeth. They learnt that each plant and animal is important in the food web. Without one, others could die.

Students were asked to buy locally grown fruit and vegetables without any packaging. This would mean less fuel needing to be used to transport the food to the supermarket and less landfill.

We learnt that some bugs only live in the river when the water is clean. The river can only stay healthy if we make sure that things like rubbish and dog poo are picked up. If they are left lying around, then they end up being washed into the drains and then into our rivers.

It was a great day with many new friends made.

Thank you to Wyndham City Council for organising the day.

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