Nunawading Christian College Primary Campus has been involved in working towards a greener and more sustainable school with practices over the past four years. In 2011, we began working on the ResourceSmartAuSSI Vic Core Module with assistance from our CERES facilitators.

The students and staff quickly became focused and were keen to adopt projects and support student initiatives in the area of sustainability. All of the initiatives that were adopted have been successful and it has been exciting to see them become acceptable practice at the school and in the homes of school families.

Our school curriculum incorporates sustainability themes through our Integrated Units. From levels 1 to 4, the modules of Water, Waste, Energy and Biodiversity are introduced, investigated, proposals developed and initiatives supported and executed.

We are excited about working together as a whole school on sustainability, as we have the support and involvement of the students, staff, school administration and the parent community.

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