The Environment is held in high regard at Melbourne Girls’ College. Situated on Yarra Boulevard in Richmond, between the Yarra River and Burnley Gardens, students study with the calls of native birds flying through the native vegetation on the river banks. They learn how the traditional owners of the area, the Wurundjeri people, lived in harmony with the environment and how European settlers and their decedents have abused and degraded this once pristine environment. Just downstream of the school in a former river flood plain, lies an ancient Eucalyptus tree that still bears the scare where an indigenous person had carved out bark to make a canoe.

Occupying a former landfill site, the school stands testament to the environmental wrongs that have occurred in recent history. As a leader in Science and Technology education, it also stands as a centre for excellence in education for sustainability. Students study ecology, environmental physics and chemistry. They explore environmental issues through practical based subjects such as Technology, Marine Biology and Outdoor education.

The college has a large, well informed student environment team made up of representatives from each year level that meet weekly to plan and discuss environmental initiatives. These students work closely with the sustainability staff team and are form an integral part of the Melbourne Girls’ College Sustainability Collective.

The Sustainability Collective is a group of MGC staff, students, parents, school councillors and community members interested in achieving the best environmental outcomes for students at the college. The collective assist by:

Sourcing and installing energy efficient and environmentally sensitive products /resources

Providing expert guest speakers for classes

Providing policy advice and expertise in setting goals for the School Environmental Management Plan

Provide expertise and support in completing grant applications

Assist with planning school developments such as the new level one upgrade

Informing the school community of events relating to sustainability issues and climate change

Helping to connecting the community

For more information on the MGC SC – please contact Mr Andrew Vance:

The MGC Student environment team is an extra-curricular group who keep many of the adults in the school community to account in terms of environmental sustainability. The team runs many great student-led projects:

The annual Student environment Conference open to all youth passionate about the environment

National Schools Tree Day

Clean Up Australia Day

Nude Food Day

Solar powered Earth Hour Concert

International River / Coastal Health conferences (Firestarter)

Ride to school / work days

World Environment Day / World Ocean Day

Powershift 2009

My River Yarra / Youth Lead

Environment Week

YOUth Decide 2009

Students who wish to become involved in the MGC Student Environment team, should fill out an on-line application form found on the student environment page on the school intranet or simply contact the college environment captains, Ruby Albury, Emma Lewis, Mim DiNapoli or Priyanka Banerjee.

Melbourne Girls’ College is officially a Resource Smart AussiVIC Sustainable School. We have had many successes always yet strive to become more sustainable. We set aspirational goals and hope to show the leadership that is required to avoid runaway climate change and the associated impacts. We are proud to partner with Yarra Council, Richmond Rotary, Yarra Climate Action Now and other community members in our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our School Sustainability Policy and School Environmental Management Plan will be available on our website in the near future.

2005 (pre- black balloons) Hank campaign – building a papier-mâché rhinoceros to show what a tonne looks like

2008 International Coastal Health Conference- Main stage presenters with Lorne Aireys Inslet Primary School (Townsville)


2008 Nude food campaign:

2009 Clean Up Australia Day:

2009 MGC contingent at POWERSHIFT (Sydney):

MGC students pedalling for Earth Hour at Federation Square March 2009:

Earth Hour Solar powered concert at MGC March 2009:

Andrew Vance



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