Kingswood Primary School is set in the pleasant, established environs of Dingley Village, a residential area of suburban Melbourne in the Southern Metropolitan Region.

At Kingswood Primary School major emphasis is placed on the school philosophy and determination to educate the ‘whole’ child. This includes developing our students awareness about and implementation of sustainable practices and bio-diversity.

We aim to develop students who are attuned to the wider community in which they live. The school is developing a vegetable garden and offers a weekly lunchtime gardening club which is co-ordinated by a volunteer. As part of the BER, the school will soon have a classroom kitchen ready to use the produce from the garden. We are currently awaiting the outcome of our application for the Stephanie Alexander Grant.

Other ways Kingswood Primary School supports and encourages students to develop their awareness of the environment are:

  • Providing classrooms and office staff with paper recycling boxes.
  • Providing classrooms and staff room with food scrap buckets.
  • Encouraging classes to reduce the amount of energy used through using less power.
  • Encouraging staff to minimise paper usage.
  • Distributing the school newsletter and all staff communications via email.
  • Participating in the RACV energy breakthrough challenge.
  • Installing water tanks
  • Holding Rubbish Free Lunch days
  • Participating in the Ride2School program
  • Planning and implementing environmental education within the classroom.
  • Providing learning experiences and making connections that enhance student understanding of their environment and environmental issues.
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