Making a difference for students and endangered species

Year 9 students at Heatherwood School have combined learning about Asian art with finding out about endangered animals and what they can do to help. Their project was to create a book using visuals influenced by Asian art styles and the environment. They also had to demonstrate the interrelationship between animals, the environment.

They answered the following questions:

  • Where is Asia?
  • Is all Asian art the same?
  • Are there differences between Australian and Asian environments?
  • Do the differences affect how people live?
  • How do the differences affect the animals?
Books with student artwork

Books with student artwork

2013 – Orangutans

In 2013 our focus was orang-utans. Students created collages of orangutans in their habitats and thought about what would happen if their habitat was gone. We found out about palm oil and that it is in so many of the products that we eat or use everyday!

Orangutan art2 Orangutan art1 Orangutan collages

After learning about batik prints – how they are created and under what conditions – students had a go at creating their own. These were made into baby orangutans. We put them in a wheelbarrow because that’s how orphaned orangutans are moved around!

Student made baby orangutans

Student made baby orangutans

We donated our artwork to be part of the Art 4 Orangutans “Different Like Us” Art Exhibition at Zart Art in Box Hill. Through Art 4 Orangutans, Pamela Conder provides enrichment for apes in the care of humans (at Melbourne Zoo) and also supports for the conservation of orangutans in the wild. Money raised from the silent auction at the exhibition was given to Earth 4 Orangutans to help them to build a conservation and education centre in Sumatra.

Certificate Art exhibition1 Art exhibition2

2014 – Tigers and Pandas

In 2014 we focused on tigers and pandas. Students started by identifying the patterns in the markings of tigers and pandas. They practiced their face painting skills and created books with their beautiful artworks and messages to teach others about pandas and tigers.

Panda TigerPanda face painting Tiger facepainting1 Tiger facepainting2

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