As Wheelers Hill strives to become more sustainable we will continue to adopt practices that help us to achieve this.

This year we will be holding two Nude Food Days each term. The dates for Term 1 are Wednesday 26th February and Wednesday 25th March. On these dates we encourage all students to bring in rubbish free lunchboxes. Results are tallied for each class and this year we will be awarding a trophy for the class with the most rubbish free lunchboxes.

We have Community Bins which are located outside Miss Richards’ office. In these bins you can place any light globes, batteries, mobile phones and ink cartridges. These are then taken to recycling stations.

All students use the Eating Areas to finish off their lunches or snacks each day. This year we have two Eating Areas- the undercover area at the end of B block and the turfed area at the bottom of the ramp of the Prep building. This ensures any rubbish remains in one area. Our target, of course, is to not have any rubbish!

Water buckets are located under the drinking taps and these are emptied onto the garden each day.

We have two hubs located in the Staff Carpark in Whites Lane. One for clothing donations and one for electrical goods. These are community bins and anyone in the wider community is able to use. The school receives a donation each year based on the amount of clothing that is collected. This money helps fund other sustainable initiatives here at Wheelers Hill.

We are also going to introduce Soft Plastic recycling in our classrooms this year. There will be blue buckets located in each room where students can place soft plastics. This will then be taken to Coles or Woolworths where REDcycle turn the soft plastics into outdoor furniture, outdoor fitness equipment, signage etc.

We continue to work with Visy for our paper recycling and utilise our Monash Council yellow bins for our bottle and can and hard plastic recycling.

We are in the process of striving to achieve 1 star accreditation from Resource Smart. We began completing the CORE module last year and will continue to work on this for the first part of this year.

Our 2020 Sustainability Captains, Mikaela and Natasha look forward to the support of the students and families in helping Wheelers Hill Primary School to become more sustainable.

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