Strathaird Primary has been working hard to make sure our energy use reduces before the year is up.

Thanks to our Energy Warriors being out in force this year, encouraging their teachers and peers to use energy efficiently, we have continued to see a reduction in our energy use throughout 2018. We can’t wait until we enter out last December bill to see how much energy and CO2 we have saved this year.

We regularly monitor our energy through our SEEP account (School’s Energy Efficiency Program) and love to check out our use after a particularly hot or cold day, to see and evaluate how much energy we used and what we can do to combat this in the future. The Green Team have been reminding everyone to switch-off their classrooms every Friday afternoon, to ensure no energy is wasted when our school is empty.

Grade 3 students this year have been learning about where our energy comes from and the advantages and disadvantages of various energy sources. As part of this learning they have also been constructing some energy efficient houses out of cardboard and paper.

Energy has been a big focus at our school this year. It is our last module to complete and we are also trying our best to win the Energy Champions competition.

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