Learning Story – St. Thomas More, Mt Eliza – Waste Audit

During Remote Learning at St.Thomas More, Mount Eliza, we had a focus on Waste. We were able to provide those children learning at home and those children onsite at our school with some activities in regards to their household/school waste.

The children were shown a video of 2 teachers conducting a school bin waste sort. This helped them identify and correctly dispose of all the rubbish. We asked the children at home/school to empty their kitchen waste bin out and to sort the rubbish. They were asked to sort into four categories. Paper, compost, recyclable, and landfill. The children then had to compile a table that showed the type and amount of waste that was in that Kitchen bin.

After sorting the rubbish and then locating the correct bins within their homes/school, the children were asked to make a poster/infographic that would inform their family/classmates the right things to put in the right bins, and then they had to monitor this weekly.

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