At St Therese the 3/4 Learning Community went to Whites Beach to plant 400 trees to become a carbon neutral school. Our school worked out from its SETS data that we needed to plant 346 trees to become carbon neutral for our 2011 energy use.

The 3/4s started at school and waited for the bus to come. When the bus came the teachers lined us up, then we got onto the bus and sat down.

Once we got down to the beach it was windy, cold and dull. We saw two people from the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee. They told us kids how to get plants out of the pots and how to plant them properly. Once we got that done, we started to plant. The plants were wattle and moonah trees which are indigenous to the area of Whites beach.

When we were done we lined up again, got onto the bus and went back to school where we could have our snack.

We were very happy with our effort.

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