This is one of the initiatives we have introduced as part of the Resource Smart Schools program. After much discussion as a staff about lunch / recess times and the tuckshop we decided to have rubbish free days on Tuesdays & Thursdays as these are not tuckshop days. All classes on these days eat inside and any packaging is taken home including food scraps. Bins are not in the playground on these days. These ideas were presented to the school board as part of our school Sustainability Policy. This policy has been ratified by the school board and is available on the school parent page of our website.


Our rubbish free days began after the Melbourne Cup weekend. Time was allocated at each break to eat inside. We expect to reduce our costs relating to land fill waste which will hopefully be seen next year.

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As part of our Sustainability Policy we are encouraging rubbish free lunch days. These will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays as they are not tuckshop days. As a trial we would like children to take home any rubbish from their lunch and playlunch times. To monitor this children will be given time to eat their food inside and return containers, lunch boxes & any rubbish into their bags before they go outside to play. This will also prevent rubbish in the school yard. – Particularly on these days.

We will begin these days next week from Tuesday November 9.

Thank you for your support with this initiative. It will be a good way to see how much rubbish we can save by trying this.

Item 7/11/2010

Senior News

On Tuesday the 9th the whole school had a no rubbish day. It worked well and the playground looked a lot cleaner. We also had no rubbish in the classrooms. A lot of people brought their lunch in re-usable containers. Some ways to bring your lunch to school are: bring your snacks and sandwich in re-usable containers, bring a spare container to put your rubbish in and bring food that does not have wrappers.

(Newsletter item from students 11/011/2010)


Each classroom received a certificate to congratulate the children on all the changes they have made throughout the year to improve the caring of our environment.

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