This year the grade 4/5/6 students have been focusing on biodiversity in their environmental science lessons. To begin the students conducted a biodiversity audit on the school grounds to determine its biodiversity index. The students then collated these results and reported that the school needed to increase the number of habitats, native grasses and habitat trees in the school grounds. The students decided that the first step to improving the biodiversity of St. Mary’s would be to make a ‘lizard lounge.’ The grade 4/5/6 students begun by developing an action plan, researching habitats of native lizards, designing the habitat and collecting the required materials for their lizard lounge. After much careful planning and construction the students have created a wonderful habitat for native lizards and are all looking forward to the warmer months to hopefully see our reptile friends in their new habitat. If you would like to read more on this project please read the attached PDF

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