We emptied all the bins in the morning (Wednesday) and cleaned them with the hose. At the end of second break we measured with a ruler the height of the papers in the bins. The recycling bin was 13cm, scraps 14cm and the waste bin was 32cm.

We told the whole school we were having a Nude Food Day on the next Wednesday. We put up posters to tell the children what sorts of lunches they could bring and containers they could bring it in. We also put a not in the newsletter. Our class had to predict what they thought the results would be. I thought the recycle bin would be 20cm, the scraps bin would be 14cm and the waste bin would be 15cm.

The Nude Food Day was unreal! Hardly anyone brought their lunch in a wrapper. Lots of kids washed their plastic bags and took them home to use again. We had RRRRC children standing next to the bins to make sure the papers went into the right bins. At the end of second break we measured the height of the papers in the bins. We couldn’t believe the results. The recycle bin was 5cm, the rubbish bin was 5cm and the scraps bin was 6cm.

At the assembly on Friday we told the whole school about the results and they were amazed. We told everybody that they should try and do Nude Food all the time, not just on Nude Food days.

Taylah.H (RRRRC)

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