Last year St. Anthony’s Parish Primary took a big step forward in reducing it’s energy use and saving tonnes of carbon emissions. With the installation of 35 solar panels capable of producing 6 Kilowatts of electricity, we soon saw big savings in our electricty bill as well!

With the design of our new multi purpose room, we were able to include a whole rangeof energy saving devices including:

  • The installation of low energy lights in all classrooms, staffroom and administration offices.
  • All internal and external lights fitted to timers to avoid wastage with lights being left on.
  • The design of the new MPR that allows for passive heating and cooling, with it’s north facing perspective. This also provides the perfect platform for the solar panels.
  • Our sytsem is hooked up to the main grid so electricity generated while we are not at school goes back into the main grid as green electricity.
  • Our Student Environmental Team has been keeping statisitcs of our power usage and the results are amazing. Not only do we now use much less electricity we are reducing our carbon emissions by a significan amount.

St. Anthony’s is proud of it’s achievements and the students have been very active and have investigated more ways to save energy in their homes.Our growing awareness of how to bring down our energy use has been inspiring to all of us.

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