The generation of waste and rubbish is a major factor that influences many different business and schools. As part of our school’s SEMP we aim “to reduce our landfill waste and increase our recycling by including the recycling of plastics (soft and mixed)”

After the initially success of our comingle recycling system, we also decided to introduce a soft plastic recycling bin for each classroom. Litter surveys from around the school grounds had found that chip wrappers were one of the most common forms of pollutants at our school. The new bins (highlighted in purple) were brought around to the 34 grades by the I sea, I care ambassadors, who educated the other students on how to use them properly. Once a week, all the soft plastic bins are collected into one main vessel and transported to our local Woolworths soft recycling area.

It has been a fantastic initiative so far and we hope to continue our journey to make our school a zero waste school.

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