In 2020 and 2021, we have been focussing on completing both the biodiversity module, and have been working towards achieving our second star. Prior to completing the Biodiversity module the schools biodiversity score was at 81. However, through conducting a Biodiversity audit of our school with our student environment team we identified areas we could focus on to increase our Biodiversity. Our school is now currently sitting at 86.

To increase our Biodiversity score we have planted native plants around the school. We have also created a sensory garden and a herb garden. We are planning to continue growing our biodiversity score by steady planting, consistent weeding and increasing our mulching.

The programs that we have implemented at school through completing the ResourceSmart Schools Biodiversity Module are making a difference on a whole school scale with an increase in the schools biodiversity score since commencing the module. ResourceSmart Schools has guided our practices in the areas of curriculum, campus, culture and community and continues to provide clear goals moving forward.

Our Green Team planned and developed our Sensory Garden and our herb garden. They included new plants, mulch, colour and stepping stones. The herb garden was also designed by our Green Team. They drew up possible garden plans and included a variety of herbs which could be planted.

We are very proud of the efforts of our Green Team and cannot wait to be back onsite and putting all of their wonderful ideas into action!

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