Black Rock Primary School has approximately 575 students and is located in a beach-side suburb of Melbourne. Our fundamental purpose is to provide a dynamic learning climate that engages students to achieve their personal best in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation towards society and the environment.

Black Rock Primary School was really proud to achieve their first star for their core module last year. It was a whole school effort, with our biggest achievement being the implementation of Nude Food once a month on Wednesdays. In 2017 we wanted to take this further by making every Wednesday a Nude Food Day! This has been one of the steps we have taken towards our Waste Module, which is the focus for the year. Having Nude Food has helped see a culture shift at Black Rock, in bringing awareness to ways we can be an environmentally friendly community.

Other initiatives that are being put into place include starting composting at Black Rock. We have two compost bins, one which was donated by a member of our school community. We are trailing these with our Year 5 and 6 students, as they will be driving the sustainability focus at our school. Large ice-cream containers are being used to collect food waste (mainly fruit scraps). The Green Team have put a roster in place for emptying them and we will conduct an experiment to see how long it takes for the bins to fill up and how long until the compost can be used on our school gardens. This will help us to determine how to implement this across the whole school. We are also going to be using paper that would normally be recycled in our compost by shredding it. This should help reduce waste.

Students have undertaken a Litter Audit of our school and are about to undertake a Waste Audit. The students have taken a lot of ownership over this project.

Overall we are feeling very positive that we are halfway through the year and on our way to making a huge difference in decreasing our waste!

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