Taking action to save our trees at risk.

Due to the current weather and soil conditions we have made an extra effort during the last week or so to help our trees that are at risk. The ‘Gleditsia’ or ‘Honey Locust’ trees are showing signs of stress. Using the thinking routine See Think Wonder the children made the following observations- I see the leaves are turning yellow and then brown. I see cracks in the soil around the base of the trees. I see some trees are greener than others and they are standing up straight. I wonder why they are changing colour as it isn’t Autumn yet, it’s too early. I wonder why the soil has cracks in it. I think we need to do something about it. I wonder why we aren’t too worried about the grass but the trees are what we are worried about.

Taking action: the children in groups become the ‘Bucket Brigade’ to help these trees. Along the way they also discovered the structure of a tree and the most effective way of reviving it and watering more effectively. When reflecting on their actions some children made the following comments:

  • We water the plant at the root system. It is at the bottom of the trunk.
  • Trees are a bit the same as us because they need water or else they will die.
  • We are like the fire brigade because we are the bucket brigade. Instead of putting out fires we are taking care of our trees that are at risk by giving them water.
  • We know the grass will grow back when it is Autumn and Winter but the trees need our help now.

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