Sail solo around the world, check. Collect Young Australian of the Year award, check. Next mission, Enviroweek Ambassador!

We are thrilled to announce record-breaking sailor, Jessica Watson (fresh from the dance floor of Dancing with The Stars) has signed on as Cool Australia’s 2012 Enviroweek Ambassador.

Jessica’s love of our environment and challenge-ready attitude made her a natural choice to inspire others to take on green challenges as part of Cool Australia’s national Enviroweek campaign. “Like so many people, I’m worried about what will happen if we don’t look after our environment. What could be more important than spreading a positive message about environmental issues? Enviroweek is a great way to spread the word to an audience who will be most affected in the future, kids and young people.”

“My pledge for Enviroweek 2012 is to shop smart, to buy only things that I really need and items that can be recycled.”

Sustainability is not about sacrifice, it’s about living smarter and creating a future that we can all embrace.
Teachers use Enviroweek as a vehicle to engage their school community. Teachers reinvigorate lapsed green projects, create new projects, raise funds for their next project at school or simply have a hands-on engaging week learning how to live sustainably.

Here’s your chance to take action.

Enviroweek – What is it?

• Since 2009 Enviroweek has provided the opportunity for more than 86,000 students to take action to improve
our environment. Whole classrooms take on an environmental challenge, get sponsored by family and friends and fundraise for their school’s eco-projects. Teachers get swept up in the euphoria and send a few dollars to Cool Australia (the not-for-profit organisation who run this week of action).

Enviroweek – Who are we?

• Cool Australia runs and co-ordinates Enviroweek. Cool Australia provides free online educational resources on
sustainability at for teachers and students. In 2011 more than 125,000 students across
Australia participated in our learning activities through our Flagship Schools Program. Cool Australia is on target to have 500,000 students participating each year by 2014.

Enviroweek – Bigger, better & more rewards

• Enviroweek 2012 is strongly focused on school participation. It’s fun, interesting, and rewarding for you and your students.
• Enviroweek challenges students to develop good habits that become normal behaviour for the rest of their lives.
• Enviroweek rewards you and your students for taking part. This year we have more than $80,000 worth of rewards to give away.

Register now at or call 1300 853 810 for more information

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