A great fun morning was had by all on Monday 15th June 2015 when we launched the start of our journey in becoming a ResourceSmart School. The morning brought families and students together with a host of activities that helped us gain a greater awareness of the finite resources of our planet.

Thank you to Rashelle (Hunter – Year 3 & Dash – Year 2), Kylie(Nicholas – Year 3 & Liam – Year 2) for their support in planning the event and Joe (Sebastian – Year 2) for the fresh fruit donations.

Congratulations to the winners of the ResourceSmart colouring competition: Angelique (year 2), Oisin (Year 3) and Marcus (Year 5) Well done to all those who entered. It was a tough decision!

Let us all work together to look after our Earth by taking care of how we use our precious resources.


A Pledge to Mother Earth By Chelsea, Year 3

We water our garden every day,

We don’t drop our rubbish when we play.

Don’t waste water from the tap,

Go into the shower and get water from that!

Turn the lights off when you’re done;

Don’t waster electricity just for fun!


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