At Wattle Park we are involved in a number of activities to assist in reducing our waste. Some of these include: composting bins located at each classroom with our Scarecrow (Environmental Officers) emptying these into our larger composting recepticles which support our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, increase in VISY recycling, recycling bins from the council which are located in various places across the school including our canteen and staffroom, each day is a Rubbish Free Lunch Day with our students taking home any wrappers, taking part in the Nude Food Day initiative, using some food scraps to feed our chickens, signs at all printers and photocopiers to encourage the reduction in their use as well as double siding any printing, we’ve reduced the number of bins in our playground, we operate a number of curriculum units which target the reduction of waste, we promote waste reduction ideas to our community via our newsletter which is available on line and posting notices for parents on our school’s website. Our imrovement strategies have occurred over a 5 1/2 year period and have become sustainable in themselves.

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