Elwood Primary School conducted the Core Module this year. It helped us document and enhance existing actions for sustainability at our school. On our SEMP, one of the items we identified for immediate action was consolidating our waste streams. The grade 4s created a report to share their actions with the community.

We used to have two big bins like this, one in each of our classrooms.

Everyday, the rubbish went to landfill in two big black plastic bags. The school pays to have it taken away.


We RECYCLE everything we can. This includes paper, plastic containers, juice boxes and foil.

We have a WORM FARM. The worms eat food scraps and when there is too much for the worms, we put the scraps in the garden COMPOST. Our food scraps will make rich humus (rich soil) for our kitchen garden.

We try to bring NUDE FOOD and we take home our lunch wrappings. Now we have ONE SMALL BIN for landfill shared between the two classes. We are weighing how much waste we send to landfill everyday.

4K and 4N are saving the planet by reducing landfill and saving money for our school by reducing the amount of rubbish.

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