Each year, the Middle School students organise a mini fete to raise funds for our Friendship School.

This is always a fun-filled community event. However it always generate a lot of waste. Up until Term 3 this year.

This year we did things differently. Our whole school focus was ‘Be Enthusiastic for Less Plastic’- an initiative suggested by our SRC Captain. Together the teachers from Middle School constructed a rubric to guide students to create edible treats that could be sold at the mini fete.

Soon enough, students and parents also provided suggestions to improve the rubric. The completed rubric included a Religious Education (‘Care for our Common Home’) component and students were challenged to research and use biodegradable packaging for their treats.

Teachers also eliminated lollies as game prizes as these often came wrapped and also contributed to litter. Instead, Middle School students handed out raffle tickets and had more meaningful prizes.

This was a major step at our school. The challenge will be to carry it forward to future events.

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