2011 saw MWPS finally survive the last stages of the BER building works and a renewed focus on energy efficiency. We were successful in our application for the Solar Schools Grant late 2009 and anxiously awaited (and still wait anxiously) for the $50,000 to be allocated. We started the year with an energy audit that saw our school exceed expectations as far as having energy efficient appliances and fixtures installed. There were just a few things that needed tweaking. We added switch me off signs to all of the light switches in the school, door closers to the staffroom doors to keep the heat in, changed the timers on the hot water system in the staffroom from 24/7 to 8 hours per day and ramped up the Earth Hours from one or two a term to every fortnight. The Environment Representatives also created a mural entitled “Energy Matters” which is proudly displayed in the foyer of the Senior Learning Centre. We also celebrated Energy Savers Week and Energy Savers Day as a school and each class did at least one activity on the day to address the issue of energy efficiency. One of our biggest achievements in energy reduction was swapping the majority of our computers from desktops to laptops which has dramatically decreased our energy consumption and decreasing the number of printers in the school. During holidays all non-essential appliances are switched off to also limit energy consumption and our next step is to have timers installed on appliances such as printers so that they are not on after hours and during weekends.

The only setback that we have had in our quest to re-energise the school is a failure to gain access to our main power meter. The electricity company has padlocked it and nobody seems able to answer why it has been padlocked and why the school cannot have access to it. Hopefully persistence will finally see us get an answer and a solution to this problem. We would like to be able to access the meter in order to monitor our energy consumption during normal hours, after hours, holidays and during Earth Hours in order to monitor and gauge where more energy can be saved.
Re-energising MWPS was effectively an energy efficient procedure. We feel that as a school we are have succeeded but intend on continuing to reduce our energy consumption wherever possible.

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