With the final term of the year truly upon us, the Sustainability Hub has really taken off. The aquaponics system is now stabilised and cycled and 30 rainbow trout fry have taken up residence along with the 18 goldfish. They have settled in nicely and are adding to the nutrient cycling of the aquaponic system as they continue to feed and grow.

The lettuce that was planted out before Term 3 break, have been amazing! Students planted the bed out in a particular pattern, creating a cool artistic factor using red and green lettuce. Look at the image to the right and you can clearly see what was created. This lettuce along with other produce, is now being utilised at the school canteen in their regular menu.

Ask any serious gardener about what they think about compost and you will get as many answers as you get gardeners. The one thing they all have in common is that good quality compost is like black gold for your soil. The microbial activity in high quality compost feeds the soil and boosts soil activity, allowing efficient transfer of valuable nutrients and trace elements to the plants. This helps to improve growth, pest and disease resistance, nutrient density and some would say taste. The BMG Sustainability Hub have been running composting and worm farm workshops for staff and parents as well as a dedicated workshop as a revision tool for students, in preparation for their exams. Truly hands on learning!

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