As part of their energy conservation program, New Gisborne Primary has a “Put it on, turn it off” campaign, which involved a rug up day encouraging students to rug up rather than turning the heating up. Sustainability FM is presented by students and supports the layers campaign by informing students and staff of the weather and the number of layers students should wear the following day. New Gisborne has also implemented a range of other energy conserving and reducing initiatives … including the publication of “New Gisborne Primary’s Energy Times” school newsletter focusing on energy issues in the school, changing globes over to energy efficient triphosphous globes Grade 4s’ have taken on the role of “Energy Police”, who ensure that electrical goods are turned off during lunch and playtime, as a reminder to staff and students the Energy Police will either leave little reminders on classroom doors to remind them to do better or rewarding efficient energy usage with the Mr Bulb trophy. An award is rotated to the most energy conscious class each week. The school also designed an audit to record the amount of energy grades used so to encourage the popularity of the Mr Bulb Award amongst the grades.

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