This year we welcomed 140 Prep students to our school, as well as an additional 40 students across years 1-6.

During the students first week at Barton they took a tour of all of the wonderful sustainability projects we have, as well as exploring our incredible environment. The students were surprised to see we grow vegetables in our garden, and fruit in our orchard. Students talked about where they thought food came from and many said they thought it came from the shop. We are very much looking forward to challenging thinking and expanding their knowledge this year about what we eat and where it comes from.

The students were thrilled to see our apple trees in full bloom, thanks to the very heavy rainfall we have experienced this summer our gardens are thriving.

Our school grounds have seen many changes over the holidays with the addition of 5 new portables and a new toilet block. Although these buildings will use some of our garden space we are excited to see the opportunities for more garden beds and possibly vertical gardens in between the new buildings to ‘green them up’.

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