“Switching Off for Frogs”

Over the next few months Point Cook College students will be participating in an awareness campaign on frogs. This will involve the Green Gang Teams; Waste, Energy and Biodiversity undertaking various activities around the school and Year levels celebrating frogs in various ways. We will also be having some whole school days such as “Layer up Days” where we will wear “extra clothes to school” and reduce heating across the school for the day to help save Energy and help the plight of frogs which are greatly affected by climate change and pollution.
Why frogs?
At Point Cook we are lucky to have wetland in which many students have contributed to the developing of the habitat through plantings and care.
We are also lucky to have “Spotted Marsh Frogs” especially in spring.
The main threats to frogs are; climate change, habitat destruction, pollution and a deadly skin disease caused by a fungus.
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