‘Plastic Free July’

Livingstone Primary School was proudly involved in the student led initiative called ‘Plastic Free July’ that was developed by the 2018 Green Monitors. The initiative aimed to raise awareness of the problems with single-use, disposable plastic and challenge the Livingstone school community to work together to make a change.

The challenged asked students and teachers to pack wrapper free (Nude Food) lunch boxes everyday, any single-use plastic items that were sent to school were sent home.

The Green Monitors engaged the school community by designing promotional material, including; posters, badges, artwork and videos to encourage participation in ‘Plastic Free July’. A whole school competition took place with weekly prizes awarded to students who were plastic free for the entire week. Teachers taught a lesson about single-use plastic and the impact they have on the environment, to ensure all students understood the impact they could have when participating in this challenge. The school canteen showed their support by replacing plastic forks and straws with biodegradable alternatives and are looking into becoming ‘plastic free’ in the near future.

Overall the challenge was a huge success with the Livingstone school community showing their support. The end of the 20 day challenge was celebrated with a free dress day. Students dressed up as a sea creature or wore blue and green to show their support and raise money for the Australian initiative that focuses on ocean conservation, ‘Take Three For The Sea’.

Livingstone Primary School will continue to be a single-use plastic free school.

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