Frankston High School began the sustainability journey in 2008. Frankston HS is committed to becoming a leader in sustainability over the next five years.

Since embarking on the journey Frankston has delamped areas of the school, installed timers on the water urns, installed reflective panelling behind delamped lights and placed informative signage within most classrooms and run staff PD encouraging behavioural changes.
With these small changes we have already observed big reductions! Frankston is also awaiting approval for the National School’s Solar Grant. With this money the school plans to install solar panels and make some significant changes to the existing set up, by installing timers within all classrooms for all electrical equipment.
Frankston HS is lucky to have an extremely focussed student lead Environment Committee. A team of approximately 20 students from years 8-12 are integral to environmental education at Frankston HS. Over the past 12 months this student lead committee have organised informative signage for use around the school.
During late 2008 the Environment Committee planned and ran Environmental Workshops themed around water, waste and energy to year 8 students. The Energy workshops were a huge success with positive feedback from staff, students and parents.
In 2009 the Environmental Committee decided to take the workshops to primary schools in the local area, presenting the workshops to year 4 students from Derinya PS.
Once again they were a huge success. The committee now plans to expand the workshops to other primary schools in the area.
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