Carnegie Primary School has been working hard to save water over the last couple of years, maintaining our current water use even though our school is growing. In 2008 we participated in the Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP) and water efficiency measures were identified and implemented.

We have mostly indigenous trees, shrubs, grasses and drought tolerant exotic plants These plants are already adapted for local conditions, so they don’t need watering except for when they’re very young and getting established. We regularly mulch the garden beds from our compost heaps to minimise water evaporation from the soil. We usually only need to water the vegetable patch which is watered by a class each week with water collected from our drinking fountains using our innovative water cart- see our picture. Occasionally we need to use water from our water tank.
Our Envirostars (student action group) regularly have ideas which they then implement to remind the school community to save water. We are strongly committed to do our best to conserve water and educate our community.
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