What we are doing to water –

What we are doing to water is a huge issue because water is our most precious resource. One of the main problems with water is littering, when we litter we throw rubbish on the ground instead of the bin. Then when it rains the rubbish goes into our storm water drains leading to the ocean. Then that rubbish affects our seas oceans and rivers killing marine life and much more. Another problem we face is global warming. The world is becoming warmer and the artic is melting affecting not only the animals but it’s making the sea levels rise. These are just some of the problems we face but their is so much more such as water wastage, water pollution, and more.

We can help by not littering and saving water. We can save water by turning off the tap when you are not using it take shorter showers, fix leaky taps around your house and much more.

By Addi

St. Agnes has also joined SWEP to reduce leaks and conserve water. The students have been learning about the important of water conservation in terms 3 + 4 in 2018 as well as being part of a student leadership program with Port Phillip Ecocentre in 2019 with a focus on water and the bay.

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