Our Say March 2015

By Jane Burns

Do you need some help in implementing your sustainability program in 2015?

We’ve provided some practical tips and ideas on motivating staff and students to be part of the change, everyday.

How can schools make sure they celebrate the little victories and milestones with their community?

  • Throw a community picnic to launch a kitchen garden program
  • Write a sustainability song which student and staff perform
  • Dress in green for the day
  • Put a sustainability pin-up board somewhere visible like the school foyer or outside the canteen and have students and staff update it each term with achievements and news
  • Keep your school’s achievements in the news with a regular assembly spot dedicated to sharing your good news stories
  • Broadcast your celebrations far and wide by advertising and promoting your school’s achievements in the newsletter and on the website
  • When celebrating remember to thank any funding bodies and invite them to the celebration where appropriate. This will help improve your chances of more funding in the future. Local council officers, local Councillors and local newspapers are all good places to start to help your celebration have more impact.

OurSayMarch_Green team promo OurSay_Pumpkin

OurSayMarch_Pumpkin tally

Sustainability Trophy or Award

  • Add Sustainability as an award in much the same way as student achievement is recognised in a subject award. A trophy or award could rotate between classrooms or students based on best-practice sustainability or projects
  • Design a green team t-shirt and reward staff and student members with a fabulous team t-shirt
  • Grow the largest pumpkin. These activities are a great way to connect to growing food

Be the change

  • Individual and collective actions in schools create a whole school culture
  • When individuals do every day actions such as turning off lights or reducing printing, every person can make a difference and share responsibility
  • Model positive behaviours for each other. Staff and students could present at assembly – students seeing teachers making a difference is a great way to model proactive adult behaviours
  • Students could interview staff and other students about what they’re doing in the school and this could form a regular feature article in a newsletter

OurSayMarch_Long-term sustainability goals

How can schools produce long-term sustainability goals?

  • Long term sustainable goals need buy in and consultation with the relevant staff as a top-down approach is unlikely to change behaviour or achieve goals
  • Whole staff planning days can help find the areas and problems and identify where the most support is from staff
  • Planning how the change will happen with those involved in implementing the change also improves outcomes

Competitions and Awards

The Sustainability Hub is a great place to learn about ways to promote your school and gain recognition for your efforts. There are a few upcoming prizes and competitions available to schools. Check out the Competitions and Awards page on the Sustainability Hub to see what your school can enter in this month.

Happy Sustainability journeying in 2015!

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