Our student action team ‘The Green Team’ recently undertook a litter audit of the school. Groups of students went to different areas of the school and picked up all the rubbish they could find. We then brought it back to a classroom and looked at how much litter there was in various areas of the school. We counted up the pieces of litter and we found:

  • Junior area: 73 pieces
  • Middle area: 55 pieces
  • Senior area: 89 pieces

We were shocked at the amount of litter around our school! We looked closely at the type of litter we had found and we realised that most of it was wrappers from students’ lunches and litter from canteen purchases.

Our student action team, ‘the green team’ made a video about our litter audit and what we found. In the video, we showed the rest of the school how to do the ‘emu bob’ and pick up rubbish in the yard rather than let it damage the environment. Please check out the video here!

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