A lot of the students in our student action team ‘The Green Team’ watched the ABC program ‘War on Waste’ with their parents. They were really shocked at the section about ‘fast fashion’ and the number of clothes which Australians throw out every 10 minutes!

We already have a clothes recycling program going at our school which was implemented in 2015. We have large wheelie bins in the hall which community members can donate clothes to which get sent to Africa. But we noticed that many parents and students have forgotten about the clothes recycling station and are not really using it anymore.

So the Green Team decided to make a video to show at assembly and put in the electronic newsletter so that the school community would be more aware of the clothes recycling bins and start using them again. After showing the video, we found that the community has started using the clothes recycling bins again and reducing the waste that’s going into landfill!

Here is the video, check it out! https://youtu.be/hOTc-HQPwn4

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