Every year our whole school goes through 85.76 reams of paper or 86 blocks. (That’s 42 880 sheets of paper every year). The image shows how much paper is used to print the weekly newsletter each year at our school.

That is a lot of paper wasted, because after the newsletters are read, they are thrown out – hopefully in the recycling bin.
Since this school was built in 1983, we have used 1 286 400 sheets of paper or 2572.8 reams. That means that we have used 12 864 trees. No one but a complete dumbo would believe that wasting too much paper a year is a good idea.
How could we possibly not think of our precious trees? We need to take action and NOW!
The whole school goes through 12 060 newsletters a year!
Did you know that the OLOP newsletter is on the school website on the Parents and Carers page? Please help us to save our environment and instead of getting a newsletter, look at it online. We hope that by Term 3, everyone will look at the newsletter online and we can save heaps of paper, trees and money!
Josh, Oliver and Ryan – Green Team members – Year 4
Post script – In November, only 47 newsletters are printed for families and the rest of the school are accessing the newsletter online. By doing this, we are able to make our newsletter longer and include a lot more photos to show our school community examples of student learning.
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