Undertaking the energy module was very valuable overall. It was very beneficial starting with the Planet Savers report as a place to review our positives and give us a guide to fill in out ‘where to next?’.

Different Projects and actions as a result from the audit:

  1. Lighting: We do random LUX level readings, as we have a high level of natural lighting, we mainly have lights off during the day. When we do need lights, we now have ‘switch off’ posters near each light switch to remind students and staff to turn off lights when exiting a room. Reducing a huge amount of gas emissions and instilling an energy saving culture. Since the audit, this has been an ongoing practice!
  2. Switch off – ICT are also switched off when not in use and detached from wall plugs during holidays. Alos, most PC’s were replaced so using less energy
  3. Lighting: whole school lighting was replaced with LED.
  4. Signage: lights are labelled to remind kids to turn off lights, each classroom has a poster stating how we can be a super energy saver at school. This is often referred to and greatly impacted the whole school knowledge base of when to put on A/C and heater and appropriate temperatures. These are replenished by green Machine staff at the beginning of each year when needed.
  5. Motion sensoring lights installed in new toilets
  6. We are looking at getting a Teslar battery to store and use our solar energy.
  7. The art room needed a new hot water system – so an instantaneous electric one was installed.

Overall, our Green Machine students have been greatly empowered to make a difference in our school when it comes to energy. They are much more knowledgeable about good and bad practices and are confident to share their learning with new students, parents and even staff! We have implemented many of the recommendations from the audit over time – and celebrated the journey. Mostly, our knowledge has been empowered and our action plan is getting ticked off gradually as things need replacing. We have improved our school’s energy consumption and the Business Manger is proud of our reduced energy bills!

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