Our Dolphin Ambassadors have an important role in our community: to spread the news about Port Phillip Bay’s wonderful biodiversity and to encourage everyone to “ Take three to save the Sea”. They did an amazing job at the Easter fair in 2017!

In late March 2017, our 4 Dolphin Ambassadors, set up a stall at our Easter Fair to raise awareness in our local community about the rubbish that can enter our unique Port Philip Bay[particularly plastics] and affect creatures that mistake it for food.

Creatures in the Bay as small as ants are affected, as this plastic breaks up into micro- plastics as time goes on. Then of cause it spreads right through the food chain. Creatures no longer feel hungry when their stomachs are full of plastic and eventually die.

Our students spread their news about “Taking three to save the sea”, an initiative set up to encourage people to pick up three bits of rubbish and bin them on beaches all around the world!

The group took turns to man the stall for the day and spread their wisdom.

They also encouraged everyone to guess some of the creatures in our Bay from a large sheet of examples. Some where actually dried specimens and others were pictures. Creatures on display ranged from a real weedy sea dragon[dried], port Jackson shark eggs, cow fish, sea urchins and cuttlefish cartilage.

The person with the most correct answers won a dolphin ambassadors pack, kindly donated by “ I see I care program”

Included in the prize were various posters on sea creatures in the Bay, stickers, vouchers and a dolphin money box!

An example of some rubbish was displayed on the table in the shape of a fish, highlighting the fact that rubbish comes in all shapes and sizes and the importance of preventing this litter entering our Bay, causing damage and death to it’s creatures.

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