In term 1, we implemented this experiment in an effort to provide visual evidence of the differences between compostable materials and plastic and packaging. In one jar we placed soil, food scraps and shredded paper. In a second jar we placed the same amount of soil with plastics and food packages. The jars were set on a table for the children to observe throughout term 1 and 2.

During a recent group time, the jars were examined closely by the children, before the contents were spooned onto the trays. They agreed that the soil level in the jar containing compostable material was lower that the jar containing the plastic and packaging. This led to a discussion about the importance of disposing of materials in more sustainable ways. For example: returning compostable materials to the ground; limiting the amount of plastics and packaging in our lives and reusing and recycling items whenever we can. The children were also knowledgeable about the accumulation of plastics in our oceans.

The children were keen to set up another experiment, using the scraps from their snack boxes during lunchtime. We placed equal amounts of soil onto the trays. Instead of placing left over scraps and packages into the waste containers in the playroom, they were placed onto the trays. After lunch we spooned each tray into the jars to once again observe what happens to the materials inside.

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