Last Thursday, the 6th of August, we had Nude Food Day! In the week leading up to this event, the environment team worked hard to promote “Nude Food” (food without rubbish). The nude soup kitchen was a great success with students bringing in their mugs to be served by Mrs Crowe and other MGC staff! We raised over $100, which will go towards running our 2009 Environment Conference!

Another part of the nude food day was monitoring how much rubbish we produce during a lunchtime. A week before the event, the 30th of August, the environment team went round collecting up rubbish for a “rubbish audit” (separating recyclable rubbish from landfill rubbish of course!) and we collected up 7.5kg of rubbish. Nude Food Day is designed around students bringing in no packaging on their food, and we were excited to see that our rubbish collected on the day of the soup kitchen was only 2.5kg of rubbish! Congratulations everyone!
We would like to give a special thankyou to all the environment reps who slaved over a hot stove to bring us the soup and to Camille Sydow and Bakers Delight who provided the bread. Also, thankyou to Mrs Crowe, Mrs Giles, Ms Lucas, Ms Kingsley, Mr Gabriel, Ms Bisogni, Mr Newton, Mr Brain, Mrs Heard, Ms Holdenson and Ms Adler who served and cleaned up on the day!
Emma Lewis, Environment Vice-Captain
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